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Labor Leasing Services| Nhan Kiet Co., LTD
In the trends of your company wants to expand, develop and still want to operate as a lowest manning headcount, or short-term project, seasonal project, or your regularly employee had been working overtime more than 200 hours per year. The solution to solve this issue is provided by Nhan Kiet...
07/08/2016 09:08:18

Lao động thuê ngoài - Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Nhan Kiet Co., LTD provides Labor Outsourcing Services through the recruitment, training and staff according to customer request, to sign labor contracts with employees and then sent employees to work for clients as part of the labor force in period of services. Nhan Kiet Co.,...
07/08/2016 09:08:49

Cung Ứng Lao Động Thời Vụ| Temporary Labor Supplying Services
Temporary Labor Supplying Servicesis the leading solution for the high season or manpower shortages temporarily in a certain stage of the workflow to operate your company.
07/08/2016 09:08:07

Cung Ứng Lao Động Tạm Thời - Sort term Labor Outsourcing Services
Sort term Labor Outsourcing Services is the solution to meet labor shortages interim of your company, when recruiting staff not officially meet the required amount of labor for production, business or the need to replace workers temporarily pauses during pregnancy.
07/08/2016 09:08:24