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About us


1.    About Company

Nhan Kiet had been founding from 4/2009, with the main field of activity is sublet labor supply seasonal workers, to legalize labor, payroll services, recruitment services, for enterprise production use much labor or employers now non-routine operations of new businesses that hire workers insufficient use or businesses want to use outsourced labor as a competitive advantage to move labor costs are considered the cost of capital, the invoice variable costs.


2.    Business Philosophy

As a human resources providing service company, Nhan Kiet will:


With partners:

Bring comfort and efficiency for partners through the (1) Learn, support and accompany the development of the partnership; (2) Provision of consulting solutions, training of personnel and systems in a professional, efficient, increase the profitability of partners; (3) To provide the resources to meet the demands of production and business partners; (4) To promote the spirit of cooperation and development with partners; (5) To promote friendship, kindness, cooperation and peace among communities and society


For workers:

Provide the utility and comprehensive development for employees through (1) building a professional working environment, dynamic, creative and humanities; (2) creating equitable development opportunities for all staff; (3) The wages of competing workers; (4) Compliance with the provisions of law guarantees workers' rights; (5) Improving the material life and spiritual workers


3.    Mission

Become companies supplying manpower were the employees and partners choose to first find and lasting.


4.    Vision

Become a leading enterprise in the field of service providers providing local human resources. and development of services to other countries in the region.


5.    Three Core Values


We trust and respect for each other and same in purpose, we will work toward to the aspirations of the every one in the company without any boundaries along functional and organizational lines.

Passion for Success

We will constantly strive for excellence. We will be the best we can be and create value in everything we do. We will be proactive and entrepreneurial, propelled by a sense of urgency, competitiveness and total dedication to results.


Respect for Our People

We recognize our employees as individuals and are committed to nurturing their individual capabilities. We will uplift the dignity of labor by encouraging our people to be the best in their fields. We are committed to creating a work environment that encourages open communication, camaraderie and professional growth.


6.    Fields

- Staffing services, Labor subleasing services;

- Outsourcing services;

- Supplying seasonal and temporary workers;

- Labor legalizing services;

- Load and unloading services;

- Packaging services;

- Sanitation and cleaning services;

- Payroll services;

- Employment services; head hunting services.


7.    Board of Manager

General Manager: Mr. Le, Do Huy


HP: 0913.860.592


Vice General Manager: Mr. Hoan, Vu Quang


HP: 0901 557 456


Vice General Manager: Mr. Trung, Nguyen Quoc



HP: 0913.202.911


Vice General Manager: Mr. Hung, Ngo Nguyen


 HP: 0911 453 773



Vice General Manager: Mr. Chi, Do Duc


 HP: 0962 961 861



HR Manager: Ms. Trang, Thai Anh


HP: 0946.44.55.44


BD Manager: Mr. Binh, Do Van Quoc


HP: 0933427966


Finance Manager: Mr. Hai, Pham Khac


HP: 0938.990.282


8.    Contact info:



Head Office

Room 202, Building 57, 57 Le Thi Hong Gam st, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, Dist 1, HCM city

Tel: 08.3505.4224 












My Phuoc IP Branch

Address: No 38, Building 1, NE8 Street, My Phuoc 3 IP, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province

Tel: 06503.510.886



Binh Duong Branch

No 705/34 Binh Duong Ave, Chanh My town, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.

Tel: 0650.3510.572



Ha Noi Branch

No LK8_28, Van Khe Town, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi

Tel: 0962 961 861



Mien Dong Branch

No 167 Man thien street, Hiep Phu town, District 9, HCM

Tel: 08 37367071



Chon Thanh IP Branch

National road 13, Chon Thanh IP, Minh Tam, Chon Thanh, Binh Phuoc Province ,

Tel: 06513.0909990



VSIP Ref Office

No# 29/1 Huu Nghi Ave, VSIP1 IP, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province

Tel: 0650.3510. 571



9.    Achievement

•         April 2009 The company was founded by a certificate of business registration number 0308022768 dated 02/04/2009, the first service contract was signed on 15/04/2009 with San Miguel Hormel (30 storekeepers and warehouse staff for the entire feed warehouse in Ben Cat district, Binh Duong)

•         November 2012 opening a branch in TDM-Binh Duong Province

•         Dec 2012 opening a branch in Chon Thanh-Binh Phuoc Province

•         Jan 2013 open branches in My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park in Binh Duong

•         May  2015 opening representative offices in IZ VSIP1-Binh Duong Province

•         Year 2013: Awarded Trusted Quality Supplier 2013

•       Year 2014: Awarded the Top 10 Brands, Products quality, trusted service in 2014

•         Year: 2014: The Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs operating license of labor subleasing operation No# 29/LDTBXH / GP


•         Year: 2015: Nhan Kiet honoured by the HCM tax department